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Jiawei Li (李佳玮 , , ), I'm a PhD student of Computer Science in College of Intelligence and Computing in Tianjin University. My skills include Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Visualization (Python, R). My doctoral research direction is AI IN HEALTH CARE. Although I am working on AI IN HEALTH CARE now, I am not limited to that. Looking forward to the arrival of AGI in the near future.


  • National Scholarship, 国家奖学金(本) (2016, China)
  • National Scholarship, 国家奖学金(研) (2020, China)
  • Tencent Rhino Bird Research Elite Program (2022, Tencent)




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( #: indicating equal contribution; *: indicating corresponding author. )


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  2. Zhiliang Xia, Shiqiang Ma, Jiawei Li, Yan Guo, Limin Jiang, Jijun Tang*. RecGOBD: Accurate Recognition of Gene Ontology Related Brain Development Protein Functions through Multi-Feature Fusion and Attention Mechanisms. ACM Computing Surveys. (Submitted) (SCI:1;IF:16.60)


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  2. Mengyuan Zhao, Jiawei Li, Ma Ke, Jijun Tang*, Fei Guo*. scHGR: An automated annotation tool for single-cell transcriptome data combining transcriptomic profile with genomic relation. Nucleic Acids Research. (SCI:1;IF:14.90)
  3. Ke Ma, Jiawei Li, Mengyuan Zhao, Jijun Tang*, Fei Guo*. PPRTGI: A Personalized PageRank Graph Neural Network for TF-target Gene Interaction Detection. IEEE-ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. (CCF:B)
  4. Fang Wang, Chunpu Liu, Jiawei Li, Fan Yang, Jiangning Song, Jianhua Yao*, Guohua Wang*. SPDB: comprehensive resource and knowledgebase for proteomic data at the single-cell resolution. Nucleic Acids Research. (SCI:1;IF:14.90)
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  1. Jiawei Li, Yuqian Pu, Jijun Tang*, Quan Zou*, Fei Guo*. DeepATT: a hybrid category attention neural network for identifying functional effects of DNA sequences. Briefings in Bioinformatics. (SCI:1;IF:13.994) [Link] [Code] [Pdf]
  2. Jiawei Li, Yuqian Pu, Jijun Tang*, Quan Zou*, Fei Guo*. DeepAVP: a dual-channel deep neural network for identifying variable-length antiviral peptides. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics. (SCI:1;IF:7.021) [Link] [Server] [Pdf]
  3. Jie Song#, Jiawei Li#, Shiqiang Ma, Jijun Tang*, Fei Guo*. Melanoma Classification in Dermoscopy Images via Ensemble Learning on Deep Neural Network. BIBM 2020: IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics & Biomedicine. (CCF:B)
  4. Yinuo Lv, Zhen Zhang, Jiawei Li, Wenying He, Yijie Ding*, Fei Guo*. iEnhancer-KL: a novel predictor for identifying enhancer by position specific of nucleotide composition. IEEE-ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. (CCF:B)

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Artificial Intelligence AutoDL  (Details)
EasyML  (Updating)
AI IN Health Care 3DUNet For BraTS  (Developing)
2DUNet For Retina  (Details)
DeepSEA (Details)
DeepATT  (Details)

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